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Welcome to the official homepage of Batis T.K. EMC. .We, as an Export Management Company and Service Provider based in Northeast Biotech & Food Technology Park, identifies both the sales opportunities for Iranian manufacturers and the demands in other countries for Iranian manufactured products.
If you are looking for a renowned Iranian company, which displays a high degree of business integrity and loyalty, and a company that demonstrates competence in many business fields, please join our worldwide business partners and customers.

About Us

Batis T.K. EMC. understands that in a world that’s constantly in motion, you have to build on your momentum; slowing down means losing valuable opportunities. It is by this principle that it dedicates its resources and capabilities towards keeping its customers ahead, by being a reliable and punctual supplier and transshipment partner.
We have organized ourselves as a compact and lean company so as to maximize our business efficiency. We have always placed our worldwide customers’ satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. We have accumulated significant expertise and technical know-how during the last decade and have specialized departments for different business field.
Also, we are proud to introduce ourselves as a Member of the ” Trade Promotion Organization of Iran
Our mission at Batis T.K. Emc. is to help Iranian manufactures open international markets via exporting and helping International customers import all while building brand awareness and distribution networks for unique, innovative, technologically advanced Iran made products.

Our Services

Importing from Iran has never been better & Batis T. K. Emc. can help with all aspects of your transaction.

What does us PROVIDE you?

• Quality– Highest Standards in integrity and customer service, while meeting the specific needs of our International Buyers. Importing from Iran is an opportunity to procure quality goods, and Batis T. K. EMC. is able to assist your requests with honesty and efficiency.
Simplicity– Our staff understands the variety of cultures and businesses, and we offer easy solutions with a lot of patience and friendliness.
Resources– Access to a vast network of Iranian suppliers and manufacturers. We Work with all types of high quality services & products, either new or rebuilt allowing importing from Iran to be a cost effective solution.
Buying Power– Negotiations of the best terms for your inquiry of Iranian products/services. Our procurement department will return your Request for Quotation with product information details, competitive pricing & shipping times.
Project Financing– Assistance with a variety of financing options for your purchases or help with setting up a customized payment plan to meet your needs.
Paperwork– Handling of all invoicing, documentation, compliance & shipping paperwork from our experts.
Extra Services– Spare Part Availability, Training, Market Research, and Technical Support.
Local Country Assistance– Batis T. K. EMC. local representative in your country will be able to help you with Importing from Iran (where available).

Why CHOOSE us to assist you Importing from Iran?

• Experience– Our export management company experienced in providing assistance to International buyers looking for Iranian goods & suppliers.
Global Network– BATIS T. K. EMC. works closely with the IRAN suppliers and assists getting your product requirements fulfilled in a timely and cost effective manner. Importing from the IRAN will get you quality products at competitive prices.
Impeccable Service– The team at Batis T. K. EMC. understands the importance of professionalism, customer service and efficiency. International Buyers have other options, and we strive to make sure our company maintains the highest standard of integrity and ensures the trust of our clients.
Reliable– Because Batis T. K. EMC. is skilled in sourcing, supplying, and shipping of IRAN products, international buyers can benefit from having a local IRAN company communicate, coordinate, and consolidate the international buyers’ orders when importing from IRAN.
One Stop Buying Source– Batis T. K. EMC. has the ability to handle all of the details while importing from IRAN, including the knowledge to handle inquiries, negotiations, prepare quotations, submit invoices, arrange shipping details, assist with export compliance, and help with the international banking and financing details.
Non-exclusive– We work with all industries to help with any procurement request with no limits on your order size. We will also work with any country importing from IRAN and work within all compliance and trade regulations.

Please fulfill our Inquiry Form with your specific needs.


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